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May 26, 2012

Stop Unconstitutional Double Taxation

Here is an article by Peter W. Dunn “Petros” of the Isaac Brock Society which appeared in the American Thinker:

“…The  Ex-Patriot Act introduced by Senators Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey is a bill of  attainder which would result in cruel and unusual  punishment…”

“…This  Ex-Patriot Act and the Reed Amendment are thus bills of attainder, which apply  punishment and the seizure of a person’s of wealth without the benefit of a  criminal trial.  Banishment is terrible and inhumane; it is in principle a  violation of the Eighth Amendment, which permits no cruel and unusual  punishment.  Even Professor Bruce Ackermann at Yale Law, who called for banning Saverin in the LA Times,  understands this and would therefore allow an exception for those who would need  to visit a family member who is dying or in hospital…”

Here are Isaac Brock Society and Righteous Investor discussion threads on the article:

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